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                     Social Services

Our services will assist in uplifting our client base. These services will encompass a wide range of entities from  drug and alcohol addiction recovery, behavioral consulting for adults and children, assisted living for the elderly, attend to the needs of our veterans, and assist the homeless among other areas of need.

Education and Training.

Our vision is to provide superior curriculum and staff to achieve the expected higher level education.  This will include charter schools, cyber schools, private tutoring , trade schools, IT, adult learning centers, CDL Licensing and S.T.E.M. etc.

Economic Development.

Thalamus will provide single dwelling rental properties, apartment complexes, commercial properties, electronics, food, clothing, motor vehicles, remodeling and construction, jewelry, antiques,  etc.

Passive Investment.

Thalamus also feels that entertainment is needed as much as programming and services. To appease our communities we will offer bingo, cash bash, professional wrestling, music, comedy, small games of chance, Texas hold-em, Las Vegas night, internet gaming, one armed bandits, etc.

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